Dirt Prep!

Dirt Prep!


June 25, 2019 – Over the past month, the hundreds of trees that stood on this lot have started to disappear, and the barren land is being exposed.  The next step in the development is grading and drainage.

Recently, several new permits have been approved to accomplish this.  A Rough grading permit was approved in the last month.  This permits confirms grading and drainage for 706 lots.

Preparing for grading -Arabella Community June 25th, 2019

On June 17th, several permits were issued that allow the installation of the new sewer system.  Over 1 mile of sewer main will be installed in and around the community.  This also means tapping into existing mains underneath Bell Rd and 52nd Street.  Expect temporary closures and lane restrictions for these lines to be installed.

While this may seem slow moving from the surface and looking at the land, this is evidence that the builder is moving full speed ahead on this development.

While we still do not have official floor plans or pricing just yet, progress is being made and these can be expected to be announced soon.


Updated Floorplans

Oct. 16 – The original set of 19 preliminary floor plans released in August have evolved. Some floor plans have been removed, and others have been added. We are left with 16 total floor plans for single family homes. Keep in mind, these are still “preliminary” plans so it is still possible that some of […]

Single Family Floor Plans Now Available!

Aug. 6 – Single family floorplans are now available! A total of 19 floorplans have been released for Arabella single family homes. Prices for any homes, and floorplans for townhomes are NOT available at this time. Update: While available, floorplans are unable to be listed here at this time. Please register HERE and floor plans will be sent […]

Updated Photos & Lots

June 15th, 2020 – New Photos are in! Take a look from the sky at Arabella taking shape. As you may know, the primary work since fall last year has been completing underground utilities to each and everyone of the 706 home sites. More recently retaining and common area walls have gone vertical, giving an […]

Construction Continues & Pre-Sales Delayed

April 22, 2020 – At the beginning of March, we anticipated pre-sales being launched right around now.  Unfortunately many things, like a global pandemic, can come in and throw a wrench in the spokes.  As you can likely understand, launching pre-sales for a major new home development smack dab in the midst of a global […]