Single Family Homes

Single Family Homes

Arabella consists of 420 Single Family Homes with three different lot sizes


Lots are 1 of 3 different sizes.  Each floorplan is pre-assigned to one of the specific lot sizes below.

3,750 Sq Ft lots (50 ft x 75 ft)  242 homesites

5,400 Sq Ft lots (45 ft x 120 ft) 142 homesites

9,600 Sq Ft lots (80 ft x 120 ft) 36 homesites


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Stork Floorplan at Arabella
Mockingbird floor plan at Arabella.


Floor Plans

Arabella has 16 Floor plans in total, ranging between 1,832 – to 3,763 Sq Ft in both single and two story plans.


Floorplans are unable to be listed here at this time. Please register HERE and floor plans will be sent promptly.