Construction Continues & Pre-Sales Delayed

Construction Continues & Pre-Sales Delayed

April 22, 2020 – At the beginning of March, we anticipated pre-sales being launched right around now.  Unfortunately many things, like a global pandemic, can come in and throw a wrench in the spokes.  As you can likely understand, launching pre-sales for a major new home development smack dab in the midst of a global pandemic wasn’t something the builder wanted to do.

For the time being, construction is moving ahead on schedule. Workers continue to prep the land with underground utilities.  Sewer caps and fire hydrants are popping up all around the community.

Permits were approved this month for onsite paving of the community, but underground utilities still must be completed before they begin to pave.

In this environment, it’s a little more difficult to make predictions, but at the time of writing, we’re now likely looking at end of summer for pre-sales to begin.

Floor plans for the single family homes and town homes are not available yet as a part of the delays, but details could be available soon. If you are not signed up to receive these updates, sign up now to be notified of all future updates including floorplans and pre-sales announcements.



Model Homes Underway

April 7 – Model homes are under way! 4 model homes have begun construction and are in the framing stage. Models that are currently under construction are the Bluebird, Stork, Doubletree, and Millennium. Duplex/Townhome models and Estate Series models to follow. The first Model homes will likely be completed this summer and on-site sales office […]

Latest Updates!

Jan 11 – Arabella is almost here! Additional details have been made available, here is the latest: Expected sales start date is currently mid-February. This is subject to change, but is the current target date. Sales will begin initially off site until on site model homes are completed (construction on models have not been started, […]

Updated Floorplans

Oct. 16 – The original set of 19 preliminary floor plans released in August have evolved. Some floor plans have been removed, and others have been added. We are left with 16 total floor plans for single family homes. Keep in mind, these are still “preliminary” plans so it is still possible that some of […]

Single Family Floor Plans Now Available!

Aug. 6 – Single family floorplans are now available! A total of 19 floorplans have been released for Arabella single family homes. Prices for any homes, and floorplans for townhomes are NOT available at this time. Update: While available, floorplans are unable to be listed here at this time. Please register HERE and floor plans will be sent […]