Construction Update!

Construction Update!

March 10, 2020 – Arabella is coming to life! Over the last several months, many important infrastructure components have been going into the community. If you live by the development, surely you’ve experienced the congestion on Bell Rd over the last few weeks. Bell Rd has been reduced to 1 lane in each direction as the Arabella community sewer lines were tied into the city sewer lines.

While the last few months have not seen a huge change in landscape at the surface level, remember sewer, water lines, electrical lines, cable/tv, etc all are installed prior to building the homes. There’s a whole highway of pipes and cables beneath us that we don’t think about every day.

City permits were granted for installation of new block walls.  Some retaining walls can be seen going in towards the center of the community by the future community center. The perimeter remains the old original fence, but that should change soon.

While floorplans are still not available for either the single family homes, or the townhomes, they are coming soon, likely within the next 30-60 days.

Shortly after that, Arabella will begin preselling lots/homes.  Pre-sales means there will be no model homes to go into on site, rather you are buying a floorplan and the lot with your deposit.  Many times the floorplan may be available as a model available at other communities in the valley that you would be able to look at in person before committing to purchase. Pre-sales are the best option to get the first opportunity to pick the lot and location most desirable to you.

Please stay tuned over the next couple months as details and opportunities will likely arise quickly.


Model Homes Underway

April 7 – Model homes are under way! 4 model homes have begun construction and are in the framing stage. Models that are currently under construction are the Bluebird, Stork, Doubletree, and Millennium. Duplex/Townhome models and Estate Series models to follow. The first Model homes will likely be completed this summer and on-site sales office […]

Latest Updates!

Jan 11 – Arabella is almost here! Additional details have been made available, here is the latest: Expected sales start date is currently mid-February. This is subject to change, but is the current target date. Sales will begin initially off site until on site model homes are completed (construction on models have not been started, […]

Updated Floorplans

Oct. 16 – The original set of 19 preliminary floor plans released in August have evolved. Some floor plans have been removed, and others have been added. We are left with 16 total floor plans for single family homes. Keep in mind, these are still “preliminary” plans so it is still possible that some of […]

Single Family Floor Plans Now Available!

Aug. 6 – Single family floorplans are now available! A total of 19 floorplans have been released for Arabella single family homes. Prices for any homes, and floorplans for townhomes are NOT available at this time. Update: While available, floorplans are unable to be listed here at this time. Please register HERE and floor plans will be sent […]